• Moisturizing


    Made in Australia with deep and rapid penetration, intensively nourishes skin with a comfortable feeling

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  • Nutritional


    Precious placenta cream will be the best gift for skin to enjoy,rich,oil-free and nutritional

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  • Oceania


    A special plant, as long as there is a little bit of water, will be able to regain vitality, commonly known as the rescue miracle

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  • anti-oxidant

    Grape Seed

    with the most popular anti-oxidant ingredient of grape seed,natural secret of keeping younger looking

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Iris -- A story of flowers

IRIS brand was established in 2004 developing and promoting various beauty products to the consumers.

We focus on producing the best products for the Australian as well as the international market.Founded on a strong technical base and professional approach with a multi-cultural attitude to business relationships, we combine the scientific and technical expertise to research and formulate a wide range of premium quality skin care and beauty products.

Australian Reputable Brand

Our primary commitments are quality, safety and efficacy.Your beauty is our priority!

All products produced by IRIS are made from the finest raw materials carefully. With the developing of our company, IRIS has become one of the most reputable brands in Australia and we are continually encouraged by feedback from customers showing high levels of satisfaction with our products. We are now exporting to both the Asian and European markets.

Our products:

IRIS is a unique, distinctive brand and with the right effort behind proven initiatives, we will bring IRIS to new heights and truly make a difference to consumers who choose our products. We strive to bring the latest healthcare and beauty concepts to our customers and provide them the highest quality health and beauty products.

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